Short Chair's History



Since 3000 a.D. there are the first testimony of woodworking and above all of chairs, used also by the ancient Egyptians for the ceremonies

From this period there was an incessant journey that  saw exchanges of  societies and cultures that in the furniture are called Styles.

The Greek and the Romans, used stools more or less adorned and produced also portable litters, barber’s  and surgeon’s chairs.

In the Middle Ages was habitual the chairs made as “X”, successively called “savonarola”.

In the same epoch there were also chairs with high back with or without arms  stuffed with damask that had good luck in XVI cen. and gave rise to the armchair.

Our production is much more specialised in reproduction of chairs and armchairs that were been created for the first time between the XVII and XIX cen. By teacher named Chippendale (1718-1779),  Robert Adam (1728-1792): artists able to explane with fine sensibility the aesthetical trendof their time.Some of our models inspirated by this period are: n. 131 (Sheraton), 132 (Chippendale), 231 (Hepplewhite), 325 (Chippendale):  the originals of these chairs are exhibited in museums all over the world.

At the beginning of  XVII century appears the style called “Empire”, which gives its name form Napoleon the Imperator. From this bases we have created our “Armchair” collection, above all from the lines that characterized this style in the cold land beyond The Balkans. Our models in Empire style are 335, 322, 326, 337,347 (These are reproduction of furniture present in some Russian palaces).

In the 1925 born the Decò Style, which furniture express luxury and refinement, destined to an important clientele, that loves the material esteemed and the technique of work very accurate.

Our model in this “Style 1925” are 324, 324/d, 352, 349.


Painting discovered in a Pyramid in Egypt