Ettore Mariani                       First M.G.C.'s catalogue


M.G.C. Mariani was established in 1893 in Meda (MI) Italy, founded by Mariani Giuseppe for furniture production. Mr. Giuseppe handled the company to his son Ettore Mariani to continue the work, than Mr. Ettore handle the firm to his sons Carlo and Giuseppe. Our company is now serving as proprietary for Mr. Giuseppe, Carlo and Fabio Mariani. (Fabio is Carlo's son).


M.G.C.  therefore is a company full of tradition handed down from father to son ever since far-off 1893, that manufactures chairs, armchairs, consoles, tables in all styles, with special reference to all types of English and Empire. The company's expert craftsmen are specialised in reproduction of authentic pieces, custom.-made design  or styled by decorators and architects.


All our top-quality products are carefully hand-crafted using prized materials and are backed by an experience acquired in a century of activity at the service of art: this is the spirit in which M.G.C. products see the light, elegant  in shape, painstakingly finished, distinguished by standard of quality, guaranteed to furnish interiors for many years to come.

All  our products are handcrafted by master cabinetmakers, wood-carvers, painters and upholsteres whose professional skills are enhanced by an innate love for their work, to the full benefit of the end user.  

M.G.C. figli di Mariani Ettore s.n.c.    

di Mariani Giuseppe & Carlo

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